What Azerbaijan has to offer for Sri lankans

The chances are you already heard about Azerbaijan before. The country entered into the Sri Lankan spotlight recently, and since then it has become a study abroad favorite among Sri Lankan students who aspire overseas education. Recently numerous travels have also organized by leading Sri Lankan travel organizers.

This blog will contain information on the below.

  • Azerbaijan Country profile

  • Azerbaijan in Comparison to Sri Lanka

  • Higher Education in Azerbaijan

  • Tourism and Travel to Azerbaijan; a Sri Lankan perspective.

  • Business opportunities for Sri Lankans in Azerbaijan

  • Employment for Sri Lankans in Azerbaijan

  • Sri Lankans in Azerbaijan

  • PR for Sri Lankan citizens

  • Migrating further westwards from Azerbaijan

✅Azerbaijan Country Profile

Azerbaijan is a country that expands into both eastern Europe to western Asia. For the most part, Azerbaijan is classified as an Eastern European country.

Quick useful Facts facts.

Population - 10 Million

Capital City - Baku

Azerbaijani President - Ilham Aliyev

✅Azerbaijan in Comparison to Sri Lanka

Below are some comparisons of Azerbaijan to Sri Lanka. Comparison parameters will only cover areas related to tourism and education. We believe this will give our readers a better understanding of Azerbaijan.

Size - Area & Population

Azerbaijan is slightly larger in size to Sri Lanka in terms of land area But has only about half the population of Sri Lanka.

Sri Lanka - 65,610 sq. km | 22 Million people

Azerbaijan - 86,600 sq. km | 10 Million people

Crime rate & safety

In the latest research by numbeo Azerbaijan was deemed safer than Sri Lanka in terms of crime. Sri Lanka ranked 79th & Azerbaijan ranked 98th respectively.

Tourists Arrivals by country

Based on the 2018 data Sri Lanka and Azerbaijan attracted 2.3 Million and 2.8 Million Tourists respectively. Azerbaijan is slightly ahead in terms of the number of tourist arrivals.

✅Higher Education in Azerbaijan

Many Sri lankan students have started their university education in Azerbaijan. Top Azerbaijani universities are ranked within the top 250 universities in the world.

5 Reasons why Sri Lankans students prefer Azerbaijan

✔Easy Admission - Admission to universities can be done through agencies or online. The former is efficient though.

✔Recognition - Azerbaijan is a part of the Bologna Education region, which certifies quality European education. Also a a few Azerbaijani universities have UGC recognition as well.

✔High Ranked Universities - Azerbaijani Universities are well ranked. For instance UNEC the #1 university in Azerbaijan ranks among the Top 250 universities in the world and 3rd best university in eastern Europe.

✔Simple Process - No IELTS or similar language certifications. No need of bank balance or statement. No need to visit the embassy.

✔One other reason why sri lankans prefer Azerbaijan over many other countries for higher education is the cost factor for the standard it provides Azerbaijani universities only charge a fraction of the cost.