Baku, Azerbaijan - A Touristic View

Baku is a city whose history roots back all the way to the stone age. The city never failed to progress with time, during the middle ages various dynasties such as the shrivanshahs, ottomans, Safavids, and Khazars implanted their footprint in the city.

Azerbaijan has recently turned out to be a tourist magnet 2019 saw over 3 million international tourists arrivals up from 2.006 Million in 2015. For a country of 10 million people, not bad.

But Azerbaijan is definitely far from reaching its full potential. We already have written a blog on 8 reasons why Azerbaijan should be in your immediate bucket list Click Here to Read.

Baku, Azerbaijan - A Modern City on the Ancient land.

Baku, Azerbaijan is a city that is as flashy and modern as Dubai at the same time as old and historic as Athens.

A good Tour of Baku, Azerbaijan required at least 2 days given the history and modern layout of the city there are too much to see & experience!

Let's start our tour with the old city


The Historic Center of the capital city of Baku, Azerbaijan. UNESCO recognized the Old City as a World Heritage site. The old city is inhabited to this day, it has a population of around 5000 people including shops, cafes, and Restaurants.

The History of the Old City of Baku dates back to as early as the 7th century B.C. The city is walled for defense much like many other medieval cities in the region.

You can find Gothic, Persian, Turkic, Caucasian & Boroques styled architecture in the old city. Places of worship in the city include traces of ancient Zoroastrians & Islam.


The visit to the old city in Baku, Azerbaijan itself is a great experience but there are notable sights that stand.

1. Palace of The Shrivanshahs

The Shrivanshahs are thought to be a dynasty of Persian origin, the Shrivanshahs ruled parts of Azerbaijan.

The palace was constructed somewhere between the 14th & 15 Centuries. The palace complex includes mosques, tombs, Courtyard, bath-house, and water tanks.

The palace is opened daily and entrance starts at 10 a.m till 5.30 p.m. A guided tour will cost around $ 18 and a non-guided tour will cost around $ 9.

2. Maiden Towers

The Tower is hypothesized to have been a pre-Islamic Zoroastrian temple and believed to have constructed between the 9th and 7th century B.C ( the date of construction is still debated)

There are many legends associated with the tower which adds a bit more spice to the experience. The tour guides will most definitely narrate it on the tour.

Opening Time - 10 a.m to 6.30 p.m (Daily)

Entrance - $9 (non-Guided)

3. 11th Century Mosque

This is not old enough to stick in the old city of Baku. But still, it resides in the cities ancient quarter. Tiny Fairy-tale sized books can be seen displayed here. This museum is the result of an individual collection by zarifa salahova.

This is the only such museum in the world a collection of English, German, Turkish and Azeri books can be seen displayed here.

5. A Stroll through Old City - Baku, Azerbaijan

Take a walk through the old city allocate about 2 hours and enjoy the ancient buildings & roads. As you stroll you will encounter many other places of Interest such as the city gate, Restaurants, Cafes, old caravanseries used by silk-road merchants and many more.

Since we have done with the past let's explore the future!


Thanks to oil & gas revenue of the country Baku's skyline, Roads and Infrastructure gets better with every passing day. Iconic buildings are added to the city frequently.

Things to explore in Baku

1. The Flame Towers

Paris has the Eiffel towers, Dubai has Burj Khalifa, and Baku has the flame towers. Construction of the $ 350 million projects commenced in 2007 was opened for business in 2012. It consists of 3 Towers that resemble a flame burning this signifies Azerbaijan's motto the "Land of Fire".

2. The Ateshgah of Baku.

This is an ancient Fire temple and rightfully belongs in the old city, but since this lies on the outskirts of the old city and not inside, this ancient site is excluded from the historic block.

Astegah of Baku is a temple that was used by Zoroastrians and also by other western bound eastern traders for the purpose of worship and also for lodging.

3. Hyder Aliyev Center

An Exceptional creation of the world-renowned Architect Zar Hadidi. This award-winning architectural master-piece is an exhibition center and attracts tourists.

4. Carpet Museum

Baku hosts the first carpet museum, carpet traditions and weaving techniques from around the world are displayed here. The museum itself looks like a rolled carpet.

5. Beaches

Surprisingly enough, despite being a mountainous country Azerbaijan has a decent number of beaches along the Caspian coast. The Caspian Sea is the largest inland sea in the world so that makes the experience a bit more unique.

6. National Flag Square

This square hosts the national flagpole of Azerbaijan, It used to the tallest flagpole in the world until recently.

The scenic park around the area allows for resting and enjoying the Baku skyline

7. Fountain Square

Dozens of fountains beautify and gives a relaxing place to gather. It is a touristy area filled with cafes, restaurants, shopping centers, and Sitting areas.

8. Nizami Street

Pedestrian street with plenty of shopping options

9. Plenty of Parks & Nature Reserves

Baku Boasts quite a number of parks, some Parks we recommend

  • Highland Park

  • Dagustu Park

  • Nizami Park

  • Molokan Gardens

  • Zabitler Park

  • Afrudja Waterfall

  • Ataturk Park

  • Sahil Park

  • Hyder Aliyev Park

  • Yuva Zoo

  • Fizuli Park

  • Absheron National Park

  • Narimoniv Park

  • Baku Zoo

  • Yanar Dag