Back when I was doing my A/L in 2012 I was influenced a lot by the famous movie series "Iron-Man". The way the movie character Tony Stark built cool gadgets made me want to become an engineer.

My first choice was into AI (Artificial Intelligence Engineering) the second option I had in mind was Engineering in Mechatronic.

I did not have many in my family nor any people in my close close circle who had the knowledge nor the career outlook someone would have in Sri lanka for AI or Mechatronic Engineering. So instead I approached my teachers who taught me physics and Mathematics for A/L and asked them the puzzling question I had in mind. Instead of motivating they literally bashed me for selecting what they described as "useless" career options for jobs.

Mechatronics seems to have a great bit of mis-understating in Sri lanka even today, it is considered "too advanced" for anyone graduation with the degree.

So lets look into how degree holders in mechatronic would fare in the Sri lankan Job market.


Mechatronics is primarily a combination of Electrical & Mechanical Engineering, but also has a inputs from from Robotics, Electronics, Computer, Control, Product and systems Engineering.

Mechatronics arose to cater the more demanding requirement of various industries. Production and products these days are more unified than ever. A single production line in modern factories can handle what an entire town could produce in the olden days. Apart from Factories even day to day services such as ATM's and even the supermarkets utilize specialized processes that require multidisciplinary knowledge.


Mechatronic Engineers are responsible of creating Automated Processes, so the primary place a mechatronic engineer in sri lanka could be working would be in large scale factories.

Most Common career Opportunities for a Mechatronic Engineer in Sri lanka

1. Large / Medium scale Factories

2. Banks (maintenance of ATM and CDM machines)


There are numerous Automated Factories in Sri lanka (easily over 500). These factories run on Automated and smart production lines to cater to the ever growing demand of consumers.

Mechatronic Engineers are required to maintain the efficiency and smooth moving of these production lines.

Any large scale factory will definitely have an engineering department, with a hierarchy of engineers starting from the Director-Engineering.


Banks these days are rapidly converting their operation more tech-based. Previously Banks relied on loads of files and manual books to keep an update of transactions. But as time moved banks adopted software. These are called banking software and can be worth millions. After this every bank has its own IT department.

Similarly Banks also utilizes automated machines such as ATM and recently in Srilanka there has been a surge i the number of CDM (Cash Deposit Machines). To maintain these Banks or Will have their own Mechatronic Engineer.

Less Common career Opportunities for Mechatronic Engineers in Sri lanka

Apart from Factories and Bank mechatronic engineers in Sri lanka will have a career opportunity in

3. Automaton Companies

4. Innovative Labs

Automation companies

Sri lanka has close a dozen companies who special in Factory Automation. These companies supply machinery and set-up the production line in factories. Although the engineers in the factories maintain the production it is the duty of the Automation company to coordinate with the factory engineers and set-up the production line.

Innovative Labs

There are a couple of companies in Sri lanka who are involved in product development. These are excellent places where Engineers and scientists put their ideas down to create new products from scratch.

Mechatronic Engineers are required when Robotics or related products are developed.