Azerbaijan State University of Economics (UNEC) - The best university in Ea

Hello there we will be doing a Total review on Azerbaijan State University of Economics it is the #1 Ranked University in Azerbaijan and Ranked #225 worldwide

Comparative Ranking

Azerbaijan State university of Economics or UNEC was ranked as the #1 University in Azerbaijan and overall as #225 worldwide.

Regional Raking - UNEC compared to other Eastern European & Eurasian Universities

#1 University in Russia - Lomonosov Moscow State University - World Rank - 222

#1 University in Georgia - Tbilisi State University - World Rank - 3445

#1 University in Armenia - Yerevan state University - World Rank -2630

#1 University in Turkey - Hacetteppe University - World Rank - 525

#1 University in Ukraine - National Technical University of Ukraine - World Rank - 1063

Azerbaijan State university of Economics - World Rank - 235

Azerbaijan state university of economics is third best university in eastern Europe. Charles University in Prague which boasts a global rank of 203 and Russia's Lomonosov Moscow state University which is just 3 ranks above UNEC are the only better ones.

Compared to the best universities in South Asia

Since this article is mainly aimed at south asian students Let us dive in and get some ranking comparisons of UNEC with the best universities in South Asia

#1 University in India - University of Delhi - World Rank - 268

#1 University in Sri lanka - University of Colombo - World Rank - 1363

#1 University in Pakistan - University of Punjab - World Rank - 1300

#1 University in Bangladesh - National University of Bangladesh - World Rank - 1211

Comperativey UNEC ranks #225 in the world

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1. Business & Economics

2. Oil & Gas

3. Engineering


The Tuition fee for a university ranked so high is what could be described as extremely cost effective.

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How to Apply

Azerbaijan offers E-visa for students. If anyone is interested in applying for UNEC. Click here and submit your Application.

Someone from our office will get in touch with you to collect the required certificates and other related documents. Once we obtain the required documents our staff in Baku will attest all documents , fill out the required forms and submit it to the university to find out if you are eligible for admission

Once the university confirms that you are eligible, we can then proceed to officially apply to the university. The student will have to pay an application fee of USD 30 (non-refundable) via paypal or if available at our representation office in the student's country of origin.

After receiving the University offer letter then we will process your E-visa within 5 business days. The student will have to pay a further USD 50 once you visit Azerbaijan the 1 Month Entry VISA wil be converted to a student VISA with proof of the Offer letter provided by the university.


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