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Welcome to; The Sri Lankan study abroad consultancy & Placement agency. We are an organization located in Rajagiriya, Sri Lanka. We provide consultancy and placement service to Sri Lankan students who wish to study abroad.

Since our inception in 2015, we have guided over 1000 Sri Lankan students get enrolled at their favorite universities in countries of their preference. Back in 2015 We were one of the first consultancy agency who introduced Azerbaijan and Turkey as a cost effective alternatives to other expensive study abroad destinations in Europe and North America. As years passed we have added more options to choose from, We will keep on adding new study abroad destinations in the coming years.

Study Abroad Sri Lanka - Destinations

Presently we have the below destinations to choose from. But the list keeps getting bigger! To Know more and keep yourself updated on our weekly newsletter please subscribe. Click Here to Subscribe.

Study in Turkey, Turkey is where Europe meets Asia. Turkey is a Highly Industrialized country with a vibrant Industry and an excellent education system. Turkish Universities are open for Sri lankan students. Basic Qualification A/L or Similar

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Cyprus is a full member of the European Union and also a formidable candidate to the European Schengen Area. Cyprus is a very beautiful country in the Mediterranean. There are many Sri Lankans who work in Cyprus presently.

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Ukraine is an Ex-soviet Country in Eastern Europe, though not flashy and rich like many others on this list, Ukraine still offers a good study environment. Many Sri Lankan students prefer Ukraine for medical degrees

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Malaysia was ranked as the 9th most preferred destinations for higher education. Malaysia is one of well known study abroad destination to Sri Lankan students. The close proximity and similar climate perhaps has a favor.

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Azerbaijan, sometimes also called the Dubai of Eastern Europe. Azerbaijan is an oil rich Caspian sea country, which was a part of the Soviet Union. Azerbaijan has heavily invested its oil revenue into infrastructure and education. There are close to 1000 Sri Lankan students who study in various Azerbaijani Universities.

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Do you wish to study abroad. helps you choose from a wide range of options from. We have had students reach their dream study abroad destination that suited their character and ambitions the best.

Studying abroad surely expands a person's view of the world around. Additionally it makes a person more accepted towards change that they might face in their career ahead.

In Sri lanka, back in the days only the very rich could afford to study abroad. Thanks to globalization and it's effects, studying abroad has become much cheaper and more accessible to the middle class as well. We pride ourselves as the one of the earliest to introduce some of the best and cost effective alternative to the Sri Lankan Study Abroad Market.