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"Azerbaijan offers quality education for only a fraction of the cost"

"Study in Azerbaijan" was almost unknown to Sri lankan students 5 years ago. Since 2016 slowly and steadily the country cheeped its way into the elite club of study abroad destinations among Sri lankan students.

Azerbaijan appeals as one of the best study abroad options for Sri lankan students thanks to the much easier process and the overall cost, but has no compromise on the quality and recognition.

Admission open Now for the September 2020 & February 2021 Intakes!


Why sri lankan students select Azerbaijan

✔ Lowest Cost for Highest Standard - Azerbaijan offers the best Quality in Education for the lowest prices.

Azerbaijan is a full member of the European Bologna Region. Thereby assuring top quality European standard education.

✔ Easy Process - Getting admission to Azerbaijani university is a lot easy and a smooth process

✔ No Bank Credential required - No need of submitting bank balance or bank statement.

✔ E-Visa for Sri Lankans - Azerbaijan allows Sri Lankan passport holders to enter the country with an E-Visa

✔ Over 2000 Disciplines to choose from

✔ International Recognition - Azerbaijani universities are well-recognized thanks to the Bologna process highlighted above.



BSc - Duration 3-4 Years | Fee starting from USD 2000 per year | Entry Requirement - O/L

MSc - Duration 2 Years | Fee starting from USD 2000 per year | Entry Requirement - BSc

  • Computer Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • Information Technology and System Engineering

  • Process Automation Engineering

  • Transport and Management Organization in Transport

  • Electrical Engineering

  • Electroenergetics Engineering

  • Biomedical Technology Engineering

  • Mechanical Engineering

  • Architecture

  • Mechatronics Engineering

  • Automobile Engineering

  • Civil Engineering

  • Chemical Engineering

  • Software Engineering


BSc - Duration 3-4 Years | Fee starting from USD 2000 per year | Entry Requirement - O/L

MSc - Duration 2 Years | Fee starting from USD 2000 per year | Entry Requirement - BSc

  • Management / Business Administration

  • International Relations

  • Finance

  • Marketing

  • Economy

  • World Marketing

  • Accounting and Auditing

  • Business Management

  • Tourism and Hotel Management

  • Economics and Management

  • Information technology and management.


BSc - Duration 3-4 Years | Fee starting from USD 2000 per year | Entry Requirement - O/L

MSc - Duration 2 Years | Fee starting from USD 2000 per year | Entry Requirement - BSc

  • General Medicine

  • Pharmacy

  • Dentistry

  • Healthcare Management

**Internship Guaranteed In Azerbaijani Hospitals


  • Hospitality Management (Internship in 5* Hotels)

  • Pilot Training

  • Teaching

  • Nursery and early childhood development

  • Music

  • Filmography

  • Acting

  • Chemistry General

  • Mathematics General

  • Physics General

  • Biology General

  • Directing (Cinema)

  • Cinematography


✔️What is the Living Cost for Student in Azerbaijan?

Azerbaijan boasts a shockingly low cost of living for the standards it provides. One very important question that comes to the minds of every Sri Lankan student who opts to study abroad is living costs. On many occasions, this alone mounts up to the same level as the university course fee itself.

In the case of Azerbaijan, the living costs are merely a fraction of what other countries with similar standards have to offer.

Average Living Expenses in Sri Lankan Rupees and USD and Azerbaijani Manat


Shared Accommodation - 120 Az Manat or 70 USD or Rs 12,600 (approximately).

Foods stuff / basic goods - 80 Az Manat or 45 USD or Rs 8,100 (approximately).

Bills and utilities - 65 Az Manat or 38.35 USD or Rs 6,903 (approximately).

Miscellaneous Expenses

✔️What is the VISA requirement for Sri Lankan Students in Azerbaijan?

Sri Lankans are entitled to a 1-month entry VISA. Students who wish to study in Azerbaijan will be given a 1-month entry VISA to Azerbaijan along with university offer letter the students must pay an initial charge of 350 USD (approximately Rs 63,000).

Once the VISA and University offer letter is obtained the student can proceed to book a ticket and go to Azerbaijan, upon landing our representatives in Baku will receive you and guide you to the hostel. with 1 weak of landing, you are entitled to go through a medical scanning and the university contract should be signed.

After the process is completed students will get a 1-year educational VISA in Azerbaijan which will be renewed yearly till the specified degree is completed.

✔️What are the Documents Required to Apply for Azerbaijani University?

  • O/L Result sheet

  • BSc Result Sheet (for MSc programs only)

  • Passport.

✔️What Levels are Sri lankan entitles to Apply for Azerbaijani Universities ?

Sri lankan students can enroll for any stage in their educational career to Azeri universities.

  • Bachelor Degree - After O/L

  • Master's Degree - After A/L

  • PHd - After Master's Degree

study in azerbaijan - Universities in Azerbaijan

Top Universities in Azerbaijan, which are open for sri lankan students.

  1. Azerbaijan National Coservatoire

  2. Azerbaijan Tourism & Management University

  3. Azerbaijan Medical University

  4. Ganja State University

  5. Azerbaijan State Pedagogical University

  6. Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

  7. Baku Music Academy

  8. Baku Engineering University

  9. Azerbaijan State University of Culture & Arts

  10. Azerbaijan State Agricultural University

  11. Nakchivan Teacher Institute

  12. Sumgayit State University

  13. Azerbaijan University

  14. Azerbaijan State Marine University

  15. Baku Euroasian University

  16. Azerbaijan University of Theology

  17. Azerbaijan University of Languages

  18. Baku State University

  19. Azerbaijan University of Architecture and Construction

  20. Baku Slavic University

  21. Khazar University

  22. Azerbaijan State University of Economics

  23. Baku Higher Oil School

  24. Odlar Yurdu University

  25. Nakchivan State University

  26. Azerbaijan Medical University


Azerbaijan Links Europe to Asia.

Azerbaijan is located in the southern Caucasus and thereby considered a trans-continental country. In most aspects it is considered to be an eastern European country. To the untrained eye who visits Azerbaijan, it almost certainly presents itself as just another European country

Azerbaijan - Home to exotic natural beauty

From the mud volcanoes to the snow capped mountains in Gabala Azerbaijan is a feast to the eye.. Azerbaijan is also home to the world's largest collection of natural mud volcanoes.

Baku the flashy capital city of Azerbaijan

Baku is the capital city of Azerbaijan and with revenue pumping in from oil and gas Azerbaijan has certainly transformed it's capital city into a modern architectural wonder. Fancy skyscrapers and state of the art transportation makes baku a world class business and educational hub.

Azerbaijan - A historic country with historic places.

Azerbaijan is one of the oldest inhabited places on earth. Azerbaijan has been inhabited since the time of stone-age and it is clearly visible in it's remaining architectural wonders, that were constructed back in the days.


Education system in Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan's educational system is one of the best and spearheads the rest in the cuacasus region. Azerbaijani education curriculum covers, much similar to sri lanka 3 stages

  1. Primary

  2. Secondary

  3. Tertiary

The tertiary education covers 4 qualification stages.

Higher Education System in Azerbaijan - University

Azerbaijan offers 3 levels of education

  • University Level first stage : - 4 years of education in the university and this leads to the the bachelor's degree

  • University Level Second Stage : - 2 years which follow the first stage and leads to the master's degree

  • University Level Stage Three : - Upto 3 years of education following the stage two which leads to the Dooctrate

  • Diploma Studies - Diploma are non-degree or starter level education that lay the foundation for the stages above. This can be obtain through universities or other registered private institutions through Azerbaijan

Higher Education System in Azerbaijan - Other

Vocational Training are the next most interesting genre for sri lankan students. Vocational Training cover a wide range of qualifications which are more job focused and almost all of are quick shortcuts to a formal degree to obtaining a job.

Vocational Training programs in Azerbaijan are numerous and cover a waste range of employment scope from tourism to technical programs.