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Study in Turkey - Consultation and Placement service from Sri lanka. Turkey suits as an excellent study abroad destination for sri lankan students thanks to many factors, that we will elaborate below.

There are close to a million International students who pursue their higher education in Turkey. Turkey has successfully diversified it's appeal as a top study abroad destination world-over to students of all background, Thanks to the high standards and low cost.

Sri Lankan students are also eligible for valuable Turkish Scholarships, which can be applied through our company.

Study In turkey Sri Lanka
Study in Turkey Consultancy in Sri Lanka

Table of Contents

1. Why Study in Turkey?

  1. With almost 95% of schooling Turkey ranks Number 2 in the world for access in higher education

  2. Perfect implementation of the Bologna agreement making Turkey as one of the best in Europe for higher education

  3. Turkish degrees & diplomas are well recognized world over

  4. Over 55,000 programs from 206 universities - A wide range to choose from

  5. Turkish Universities have created world renowned professionals. Turkish educated professionals thrive in various fields across the globe, a success story of Turkish education system.

  6. Turkey is a highly industrialized country with vibrant industries and a booming economy.

  7. Lowest Fee - The main concern of Sri Lankan students who wish to study abroad is the humongous fee. Turkey is quite the contrary,.Even some of our staff were shocked at how low the tuition fee in turkey was!

2. Course Fee

Turkey is perhaps the cheapest country for education for the standards it boasts it is an offer that none can afford to reject!

Fee by faculty (in Sri lankan Rupees)

  • Engineering - starting from Rs 4500 per month

  • Medicine - Starting from 7500 per Month

  • Business - Starting from Rs 3500 per Month

  • Arts ad Culture - Starting from Rs 2500 per Month

  • Education - Starting from Rs 4500 per Month

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3. Our Service Scope

  1. Application - We help you Apply to any Turkish University of your choice.

  2. Apply with confidence - Every country has it's own standards for application. We make sure our student's Application are perfected according to specifications.

  3. We help you select the right University in Turkey.

  4. We help you get ready to face life in Turkey. The general do's and don'ts.

  5. Help you obtain the medical certificates.

  6. Assist you to obtain your Insurance .

  7. Airport Pick up.

4. Universities in Turkey

Turkey has 206 universities spread all across the country, the bulk of those accept International students. Turkish universities are highly recognized and often feature in among the top achievers in global rankings.

Sabanci University

Bilkent University

Haccettepe University

5. How To Apply


Contact us and find out your eligibility. Our consultants will peruse through your qualifications and find match them with the universities in turkey which are open for Sri lankan students. One you are eligible for any university in turkey you can proceed with the next step


We will then present to you the list of universities and degree programs that you are suitable to apply for. you can then select the program and university of your choose. Once you have chosen the desired course and the interested universities, we will proceed to Apply for each of them.


We will apply formally to each university that you have selected. Students can select upto 3 universities out of the universities you are eligible to apply for. The application will be made officially through our agent office in Istanbul.

5.4 VISA

After the university Application is accepted you can then proceed to apply for VISA. We will handle all visa processing.

6. Turkish Scholarships

A Scholarship to study in Turkey falls into many different categories. There are scholarships that are state sponsored which include from the republic of turkey and the students country of origin or any other donor country.

There are also scholarships that the universities offer directly to the students. Apart from that there are also independent NGO who provide scholarships.

Turkish scholarships are comparatively much easier to obtain for Sri Lankan students than many other European countries.

7. Turkish Visa Procedure

Sri lankan students interested in studying in Turkey need to obtain a student VISA from the Turkish consulate in Colombo. Turkish visa can be processed relatively easier and since the visa shall be applied after receiving the university letter, the process is even easier than the norm.

We take the responsibility of processing the VISA on behalf of our students.

8. Accommodation

International students in Turkey can choose between the university accommodation, state sponsored accommodation or students also have the liberty to choose private lodging, if they preferred it.

University & state dormitories are gender separated although a few exceptions do exist. Prices in university & state dormitories can range from; Sri lankan Rupees 4500 to 8000 Monthly. The dormitories also have study area, recreational activity and Internet connection. The dormitories could be shared or unique and the prices vary with the number of students.

Private Accommodation are generally of higher standards than the above and also are, generally a bit more expensive.

Turkish University Accommodation for Sri lankan students
University Dormitory in Turkey

9. Required Documents

  • For Bachelor's Degree

  1. O/L Result Sheets

  2. Passport Copy

  • Master's Degree

  1. Bachelor Degree Transcript

  2. Passport Copy

  3. Other required certificates

10. Part Time Jobs

Students who are granted scholarships by the government or the university cannot work part time in Turkey. Foreign students who do not have a scholarship from the above mentioned can work part time in turkey.

After the completion of the education program international are able to apply for work and are entitled for a work visa.

Students who are enrolled for Associate Diplomas are not entitled for part-time work. only students who are enrolled for formal degrees (Bachelor, Master's or Ph.D) are entitled for part time work.

11. Intakes

  • Bachelor's Degree - September

  • Master's Degree - September & February

  • Foundation - All year long