Study in Cyprus

Study In Cyprus

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Cyprus is a very fluent country among Sri lankans thanks to many employment opportunities it has provided for Sri lankans.

In the near past Cyprus also has gained attention among Sri lankan students who wish to study abroad. One very important reason for this is that Cyprus being a pert of the European Union. Apart from that Sri lankan Students prefer Cyprus because

  • The most Cost effective among any EU member

  • Excellent Standard of Education

  • Cyprus is a member of the Bologna system

  • Cyprus is a multi cultural country

  • Cyprus already has sizeable Sri lankan community.

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Study In Cyprus - Sri lanka
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✦Universities in Cyprus for Sri Lankan Students

Cypriot Universities are comprised of both private and public universities. Universities offer 3 level programs i.e undergraduate, Masters and Doctoral much like most commonwealth countries.

There are three public universities:

  • Cyprus University of Technology (CUT)

  • Open University of Cyprus (OUC)

  • University of Cyprus (UCY).

Five institutions make up the private higher education sector:

  • European University of Cyprus (EUC)

  • Frederick University

  • Neapolis University Paphos (NUP)

  • University of Central Lancashire (UCLan) Cyprus

  • University of Nicosia.

These are the universities in operation in Cyprus proper, The universities in Northern Cyprus operate a bit more independently.

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✦Course Fee

The scenarios in North and South Cyprus vastly differ, Northern Cyprus offers university programs which are relatively cheaper. But overall below are the average tuition of various degree programs in Cyprus.

  • Undergraduate / Bachelor Programs - USD 500 to USD 7000

  • Masters Degree Program / Doctoral - USD 2000 to USD 5000

✦Entry Qualification for Sri Lankan Students

For Sri lankan students G.C.E A/L us a must and in rare circumstance students might be able to pass into a Cypriot Universities with G.C.E Ordinary Level.

Certain Diploma and Higher Diploma programs conducted by reputed institutes might be accepted as well.

As general rule English must be fluent for students who wish to enroll at Cypriot universities. Students who are deemed weak will be directed for language training which lasts for (generally) 1 Month. It is advisable to have an IELTS or similar language qualification (although not required).

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✦Study Languages

Students have the option to choose between the below languages

  • Turkish

  • Greek

  • English

Some Universities offer degree programs as combination of English and Turkish i.e 30% English and 70% Turkish.

Most Sri lankan students opt to learn in the English medium meanwhile some linguistically enthusiastic ones study in Greek or Turkish. Greek is Spoken in Southern Cyprus while Turkish is widely Spoken in Northern Cyprus. English well understood among al different population groups.

✦The Application Process for Sri Lankan Students

  1. Application Stage; Students Interested need to submit their Application & Certificates either by email or visiting our office in Rajagiriya

  2. Application Process; We will forward the Application to the relevant universities.

  3. University selection; Out of the universities that have accepted the Approved the Application, students can select one, which suits them the best.

  4. Offer letter; Students will be provided with offer letter from the university. This can be sent by post or collected at our office in Rajagiriya.

  5. VISA; We will help the student to obtain the VISA from the Cypriot Consulate in Colombo 05.

  6. Departure; Once everything is set the student can leave for Cyprus at least 2 weeks before the start of the semester.

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✦Recognition - Study in Cyprus

Cyprus is a full member of the European Bologna system. The Bologna system or process was an agreement signed by several European countries in the City of Bologna. the Bologna process was meant to streamline the education standard across Europe. The ultimate goal was to bring equally high level of education among all member countries who signed the agreement.

Apart from Bologna Process Cyprus is also full member of the European Union and a possible candidate for the Schengen Area and in the near future is expected to join the Schengen zone.

✦Part Time Jobs

Students Who Study in Cyprus are entitled to work part-time. It is the duty of the students to find part time employment.


Cyprus offers a very diverse scope of education to choose from. Students can choose from Engineering, IT, Business, Law, Medicine, Culture and many more.