Study in Azerbaijan - Consultancy from sri Lanka

Azerbaijan most definitely has turned out to be the favorite European destination for higher education among Sri Lankan students.

Opting to Study in Azerbaijan opens a door to well recognized and highly ranked universities. Universities in Azerbaijan are well recognized worldwide and are scrutinized by the European higher education area under the "bologna process"


The Bologna Process was initiated as an agreement between European Countries to maintain standards for higher education among European Universities.

During this process "European Higher Education Area" was created in 2010 was created to ensure a comparable education system among member countries.

Azerbaijan is a Full Member of the Bologna Process since 1999, thus ensuring quality education in its universities.

Why Sri Lankan Students Select Azerbaijan

βœ” Lowest Cost for Highest Standard - Azerbaijan offers the best Quality in Education for the lowest prices.

βœ” Easy Process - Getting admission to Azerbaijani university is a lot easy and a smooth process

βœ” No Bank Credential required - No need of submitting bank balance or bank statement.

βœ” E-Visa for Sri Lankans - Azerbaijan allows Sri Lankan passport holders to enter the country with an E-Visa

βœ” Over 2000 Disciplines to choose from

βœ” International Recognition - Azerbaijani universities are well-recognized thanks to the Bologna process highlighted above.





  • Arts & literature

  • oil & Gas

  • Study In Azerbaijan - Living Costs

Azerbaijan boasts a shockingly low cost of living for the standards it provides. One very important question that comes to the minds of every Sri Lankan student who opts to study abroad is living costs. On many occasions, this alone mounts up to the same level as the university course fee itself.

In the case of Azerbaijan, the living costs are merely a fraction of what other countries with similar standards have to offer.

Average Living Expenses in Sri Lankan Rupees and USD and Azerbaijani Manat


Shared Accommodation - 120 Az Manat or 70 USD or Rs 12,600 (approximately).

Foods stuff / basic goods - 80 Az Manat or 45 USD or Rs 8,100 (approximately).

Bills and utilities - 65 Az Manat or 38.35 USD or Rs 6,903 (approximately).

  • Study In Azerbaijan - VISA requirements for Sri Lankan students, Our Process and Charges

Sri Lankans are entitled to a 1-month entry VISA. Students who wish to study in Azerbaijan will be given a 1-month entry VISA to Azerbaijan along with university offer letter the students must pay an initial charge of 350 USD (approximately Rs 63,000).

Once the VISA and University offer letter is obtained the student can proceed to book a ticket and go to Azerbaijan, upon landing our representatives in Baku will receive you and guide you to the hostel. with 1 weak of landing, you are entitled to go through a medical scanning and the university contract should be signed.

After the process is completed students will get a 1-year educational VISA in Azerbaijan which will be renewed yearly till the specified degree is completed.

Our Charges

Total Charges - USD 1550

To be paid in Sri lanka - USD 350 (includes charges for obtaining the VISA and university offer letter)

To be paid after arriving in Azerbaijan - USD 1200

Our Services for the 1550 USD includes the below

  1. Student counseling service

  2. VISA handling and processing fee

  3. University Application processing fee

  4. Obtaining University Approval (offer letter)

  5. Application processing and legal approvals from Azerbaijani ministry

  6. Baku bus and metro cards

  7. Free assistance till the students stay in Azerbaijan

  8. Airport Pickup

  9. 1 Month free accommodation.

Documents Required

O/L Result sheet

BSc Result Sheet (for MSc programs only)